3 Days Before Christmas at Hazel Blue Acres!

The 3 Days Before Christmas at Hazel Blue Acres!

Drop by Saturday, December 16 to try Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Blueberries and Hazelnuts. The cider will be hot too!

Feel free to do  some Christmas shopping while you are here! We have Organic Frozen Blueberries, Shelled Hazelnuts, Organic Jam, Low Sugar Jam & Syrup, Frozen Salmon Fillets, Blueberry & Hazelnut Ice Cream and Blueberry Soap!

Holiday Gift Box!

Bless your friends and family with organic jams and syrup this holiday season! We can send this lovely gift box to anywhere in the continental U.S. for $32. This price includes the product and the shipping. Email us at hazelblueacres@gmail.com OR call Karen at 360-770-7261 to order.

New Fall & Winter Hours

Starting today, August 29, we are starting our new Fall & Winter schedule. The schedule is as follows: Tuesdays 2 pm -7 pm and Saturdays 9 am-2 pm. We have no more fresh blueberries available, but we have frozen blueberries, ice cream, organic jams & syrup and blueberry soap available. There will be some special you-pick days coming up when the hazelnuts are ready.

Blueberry Season Update!

Hello From Hazel Blue Acres!

Many customers have been calling to see when our beautiful Certified Organic Blueberries will be ready. Here is the update:

  • Because of our cool & wet spring this year, blueberries look to be ready a little later than they have been the last couple of years. We estimate that they will be ready mid to late July. Please check our website or Facebook page to be kept up to date. Or just give me a call or email if you would like! I am including a photo that I took today so you can see how the blueberries look. We still have plenty of wonderful frozen blueberries to keep you happy. 🙂
  • We are excited to let you know that our Blueberry Reward Cards have arrived! (See photo) Receive a stamp when you buy 1/2 flat bags of frozen blueberries, 1/2 flats fresh blueberries OR 5 lbs of you pick blueberries. After 10 punches, receive one of those 3 choices FREE!